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Mindanao, a film by Brillante Mendoza
Judy Ann Santos as Saima in Brillante Mendoza’s Mindanao


SAIMA spends the final days of her sickly daughter AISA at the House of Hope in Davao City while waiting for her husband MALANG, a combat medic, to come back home from an offensive operation in the province of Maguindanao. Saima witnesses how other patients have triumphed over cancer while some did not. Malang witnesses how death awaits on the battlefield as he tries to save the wounded soldiers…some survived, some did not.

Saima mirrors the harrowing life in Mindanao by retelling the epic tale of Rajah and Sulayman to Aisa – a story of two warrior brothers who fight against the dragons, Ginto and Pula. The crayon images of the tale interweaves the battle realms of Malang and of Aisa. Despite the bleak circumstances, Saima remains hopeful that both daughter and husband escape the impending death.

Cast: Judy Ann Santos and Allen Dizon

New BTS photos here:

Our first meeting with Queen Juday with choreographer Al Bernard and child star Yuna
Judy Ann Santos in her portrayal role of Saima, mother of a kid with cancer
Allen Dizon plays Malang Datupalo, a combat medic wife of Saima.
Brillante Mendoza, Photography

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