The Protege Final Battle

The Protege Final Battle

Protege Final Battle began last Sunday October 14. It is not yet the final performances and challenges but the beginning of the real battle.

Top 6 finalists Ruru Madrid, Mikoy Morales, Jeric Gonzales, Thea Tolentino, Zandra Summer and Elle Ramirez gave all their best in showcasing their talents to the judges.

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The individual talents of the Top 6 Protege:

Ruru did a musical play – West side story inspired. With him is Tween heart star Bea Binene as his leading lady.

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Jeric sang an Adam Lambert song Wild Girl Mad World while Mikoy did a broadway song and dance number with LJ Reyes. Among the boys, Jeric became the most impressive to the judges.

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Thea did a song number titled Rumors.

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Zandra performed dance number with Universal Motion Dancers and Sex Bomb.

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Elle’s performance was the only different. She played Sisa in a declamation number but it was her own version. She did great on this.

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Mikoy did a broadway musical with LJ Reyes.

Judges Joey de Leon , Anette Gozon-Abrogar, Cherie Gil and Bert de Leon were impressed with Elle’s performance and secondarily picks Jeric to be the best performances of the night.

Mentors/host of Protege are Dingdong Dantes, Jolina Magdangal, Jennylyn Mercado, and Carla Abellana.

Top 6 Protege Finalists:

Elle Ramirez is a protégé of Roderick Paulate from Rizal. Elle’s father is a bus conductor. Her mother is a homemaker. Her family hails from Quezon, but tried their luck in Manila, where they lived wherever they could find a place. These encounters with the dark side, however, don’t seem to have changed her. Elle comes across as optimistic and light-hearted.

Jeric Gonzales represents Calamba City. Jeric was David Pomeranz’s opening act during his recent concert in Manila. Tall, handsome and virile-looking, he admits to like being admired by women. He is a nursing graduate who has temporarily set aside taking the board exams to pursue a showbiz dream. Jeric was originally the protégé of Gina Alajar but due to the twist of the show, her mentor had to let go one of her protégés and mentor Gina chose Thea Tolentino to stay under her guidance. Mentor Jolina Magdangal chose Jeric as her new protégé.

Mikoy Morales who hails from Roxas City, is a protégé of Jolina Magdangal. Mikoy has no sob story to tell. He is an architecture student at the University of Santo Tomas. He loves to play the piano, and he has no reservations about conquering television. The young man with the winsome smile says, “I think I’m emotionally strong because of my family.” He is the relative of Vicky Morales who become as a newscaster in GMA News since 1991.

Ruru Madrid is from Zamboanga, who is Phillip Salvador’s protégé. Ruru is a varsity player (volleyball and basketball), who is also an academic achiever. He has a multi-faith background. His father is Catholic. A natural actor, his skills as a thespian have been showcased on theater and television.

Thea Tolentino is a protégé of Gina Alajar from Calamba City. Like many teenagers, Thea is happy being with her family. Raised along a conservative set of values, she says she is quite comfortable being guided by her mom, who even packed her clothes for her stay at the quarters of Protégé.

Zandra Summer represents Cebu. Her relatives in Austria refer to Zandra as their “little Pocahontas” because she is morena and has a petite frame. Her Cebuana mother, before meeting her Austrian father, was a fish vendor—something which makes Zandra stand proud. Zandra was originally the protégé of Jolina Magdangal but due to the twist of the show, her mentor had to let go one of her protégés and mentor Jolina chose Mikoy Morales to stay under her guidance. Mentor Gina Alajar chose Zandra as her new protégé.

Viewers can follow the backstage drama and exclusive inside scoops on the lives of the Top aspirants inside the Protege Quarters through the 15-minute daily updates on “Inside Protege” hosted by Jennylyn Mercado, Mondays thru Fridays after “One True Love.” They can also visit the website and catch webjock Maxene Magalona for daily updates.

Catch the final episodes of Protege on GMA and get to know who will be the next Protege winners.