My list of most beautiful faces in local showbiz

My list of most beautiful faces in local showbiz

Sometimes I am lucky enough to photograph the most beautiful faces in the Philippine showbiz industry. Whenever I take photos of them I am also observing on their attitudes.

There are celebrities who are snobbish but majority of them are friendly. I am not going to name those who are snobbish.

The most friendly that I’ve met includes Bea Binene, Julie Anne San Jose, Barbie Forteza, Bela Padilla, Gwen Zamora, Meg Imperial, Bela Padilla, Iwa Moto and more. *will update this from time to time

Bea Binene Plan Ambassador I am a Girl IMG_0234

“My participation in Because I am a Girl campaign is a testament to my continuous commitment to champion the issues that affect children and youth like me,” – Bea Binene

I must say that Bea Binene should be included on my list of most beautiful faces in local showbiz industry.  I’ve met her so many times already but during the Plan International – Because I am a Girl campaign I got the chance to rub elbows with her.

I had mistaken her as snobbish because that’s how I see her before. In fact I feel afraid to have a picture with her but not anymore until I got the chance to talk with her.

Now that she knows me already we can be good friends. Besides her beautiful face she is a sweet girl. I have a strong feeling that she will become a big star someday.

What I like about Julie Anne San Jose is her angelic face. She is also a kind person. When I met her, I felt about her being kind-hearted, down to earth and she never fail to smile and thank you.

She is mellow and soft spoken, she never gives hard time to anyone. I feel comfortable talking to her. I think she doesn’t know me yet but that’s ok I’ll just make it up next time.

There was one time that I asked for a fan-sign for my friend and she immediately did it for her. That happened two times already.

When I heard that I will be meeting Gwen Zamora, I did a research about her because I am not really familiar to her. When I met her I became attracted to her beautiful face. She is someone you can’t resist on  looking.

I will never forget the way she speaks because it was like a child’s voice. She is gorgeous and fashionably chic. She is someone that can turn your head whenever she walks.

I also like Meg Imperial’s look. She is a friendly person. At first look I can tell that she is kalog and fun to be with.

She is the type of outgoing person. I see a lot of adventures in her company.

I also like Bela Padilla‘s attitude. She is very confident and I find her as an intelligent person.

She is a very attractive girl. She is the type of girl every man would ishing for. Very charming plus she is fun to be with. When she speaks she is very straight to the point.

You will never have dull moments with her. If there will be a celebrity that I would wish to see again and talk to that would be her.

Iwa Moto is my long time crush. She was my bet when she joined Starstruck. I never expect to meet her one day.

She is a very light and comfortable person. At first I felt afraid on talking to her because she seems to be mataray. She always plays kontrabida kasi.

I was wrong. In fact she is a very nice person and fun to be with. She is comfortable exchanging jokes with you. I admire her a lot.