Meg Imperial’s Testimonial on Glutamax

Meg Imperial’s Testimonial on Glutamax

Meg Imperial is definitely one of the prettiest ladies in the entertainment industry today.

When asked about her beauty secret she said it’s because of Glutamax “Buy GLUTAMAX PRODUCTS! It is proven effective! I Use this to lighten some dark areas caused by sun exposure during tapings. I started using this products 1 month ago and I see results by then I GUARANTEE TO YOU NA IT’S REALLY EFFECTIVE!” she said.

In the newest variety show TV 5′s Sunday Funday, the cast came from two groups: TV 5 talents and stars from Bagets(VIVA). Though it is not going to be a competition between them, not all can stand out, there will be someone to shine among others.

Bagets’ star Meg Imperial has been so blessed with many projects in TV 5. She has been a mainstay of Midnight DJ, PO5, Pidol in Wonderland, My Driver Sweet Lover, Bagets, Glamorosa, Heyday Saberday and she’s included in the newest variety show(Sunday Funday). She also did Untold stories, a Face to Face true story about incest.

Among the cast she has the most number of shows “I’m thankful to TV 5 for always giving me projects.” she said.

When asked about what’s her idea of fun she said “Kung ano ang gusto mong gawin na nag-eenjoy ka.” Meg likes acting acting so much. “Acting is my passion” she said she likes it specially when it’s drama.

To enhance more of her skills Meg has been attending personality development and workshop trainings. She also likes singing karaoke so when asked what if Viva makes her a hotbabe she said “No” it’s something that she said she would not do in the future. “May talent naman ako” she asserts.

In Sunday Funday, Meg has a segment where she is going to be a host that gives tips to viewers, giving advice of what are the cool things to do. Catch her on TV 5′s Sunday Funday at 12 nn.

Sunday Funday cast consist of : Aki Torio, Shy Carlos, Morisette Amon, Josh Padilla, Nadine Lustre, AJ Muhlach, BJ Forbes, Angel Grace, Mav Lozano, Gerald Santos, Claire Ruiz, Fred Lo, Krishha Viaje, Rico Dela Paz, Christian samson, John Uy and Joshua Davis.