How To Spend Valentines Day Single

How To Spend Valentines Day Single

Julie Anne San Jose is one of the nicest star I’ve met since I started attending events. She is one of the brightest in her batch.

In a bloggers night held at the Centerstage KTV in Morato, Julie Anne performed a few songs that she personally like to sing and answered questions regarding how did she started her career and more.

The event was such a light and enjoying activity, it was purely a bonding time with promising star Julie Anne San Jose and there was no fast and hard rule. Majority of us did like her a lot because she was a very down to earth person.

If she will keep her good attitude she will surely have a seat in entertainment stardom. I can feel a bright future awaits in her career.


TWM: Sino ang date mo sa Valentines?
Julie Anne: Wala po akong date sa Valentines. Papasok lang po ako sa school. Normal na araw lang.

TWM: Do you believe in the saying “Love never dies”
Julie Anne: Im not sure

TWM: Final Message?
Julie Anne: Sobrang saya ko lang po I hope to see you soon again.

And here are some videos:

A lucky birthday celebrant named Keith Reyes got a video greetings from his idol.

Here are some photos I took during the event: