Jayke Reyes blooms with her fresh self titled album

Jayke Reyes blooms with her fresh self titled album

Jayke Reyes, 19 is the new addition to Backroom Artists managed by Boy Abunda. She recently launched her self titled album with the carrier single “Kay Palad Mo” a revival from original song of Lilet


Yours truly got the chance to meet her and ask about her music background in the states and her venture in Philippine music industry.


THE WEB MAGAZINE: How were you discovered by Backroom?

Jayke: One day po I sang sa Food Republique and Tito Boy Abunda was there. I was introduced to him and later on I asked him if he can attend my birthday party.

I became very happy when he came and then I started singing to him po.

TWM: When you perform who chooses your songs?

Jayke: Usually my producer Arnold Reyes and sometimes my handler Dale Magdangal suggests. But being a backroom artist gusto ko may teamwork so I consult everything with them when it comes to the choice of songs.

When I perform naman sa mall shows gusto ko mga happy. It’s a mix of love songs in my album and happy songs.

When we were dining at Shakeys I noticed that Jayke never asked for a cold water or iced tea but requested for a hot tea instead. She is very careful when it comes to what she eats or drink.

TWM: How do you take extra care of your voice?

Jayke: I don’t eat chocolates, I don’t drink cold, I don’t eat ice cream and I don’t eat dairy before I sing.


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