First ‘Cusina Idol’ is Mark Justin Tee

First ‘Cusina Idol’ is Mark Justin Tee

CDC Manufacturing Corporation, manufacturer of high-quality melamine tableware products such as Melawares, Bestware, Urban Kitchen and Perfect Dining concluded the finals of the search for the first “Cusina Idol.”

March 16 – Seven finalists battle out using their outstanding culinary skills and talents at the cook-off happened at the GalaStars Culinary Studio of renowned Chef Sylvia Reynoso Gala in Pasig City.

Man are made with a brave-heart….out of the 7 lucky finalists, Mark Justin Tee (the only male), an HRM graduate in UP Diliman bested 6 contenders: 4 housewives and 2 Culinary amateurs.

At start , he had a bad thing because his hands got hurt by the knife he was using. He needed to use a glove and that slow down his preparation.

He cooked the very famous Tinolang Manok paired with the very filipino Cucumber Tinapa Roll.

He was the last participant to finish everything. He never gave up.

“Huli man daw at magaling, maihahabol pa rin” Mark was very thankful to the judges who give them high scores during the judgement.

His total score was only a few points best than the second placer.

Mark won a total of 500,000 worth of kitchen showcase from Melawares, Bestware, Urban Kitchen, Perfect Dining and Sodastream.

Here is the complete list of the 7 ‘Cusina Idol’ Finalists and the dish they prepared.

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9723

2. Charry Mie Tiansing, 25, working student at Mary The Queen College. She is still single. She cooked Puchero Delight and Belly Fish with the light sauce.

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9726

3. Madonna F. Casesiempre, 35, Housewife. She cooked Grilled marinated chicken with peanut sauce and Hot and sour Boneless bangus soup.

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9725

4. Gemma P. Sontillanosa, 47, Mother of 2. She cooked a Cheesy Fish Fritta Ala Gemma and Chicken in Gem’s Chili Sauce.

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9729

5. Mark Justin Tee, 25, HRM graduate at UP Diliman. The lone male participant cooked Cucumber Tinapa Roll and Chicken Tinola.

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9732

6. Gladys Magsombol, 29, Housewife. She cooked a Spicy chicken with cashew nuts and boneless bangus sisig.

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9734

7. Inicris Delloso, 31, housewife. She cooked Cheesy Mistiza Pie and Chixtosi ala Inicris

Cusina Idol at Galastars Culinary SchoolIMG_9735

8. Ma. Clarissa R. Rosales, 38, Graduate of Culinary at MIHCA (Magsaysay). She cooked Chicken binacol ala Clarisse and Milkfish with Smoked ham meringue and Supreme Royal.


The panel of judges consists of: (no particular order)

  • Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala
  • Chef Sylvia Reynoso Gala
  • Chef Jill Sandique
  • Chef Danny Dela Cuesta
  • Jennifer Uy
  • Marvin Estigoy


  • Miriam Quiambao