San Sebastian International Film Festival

First of all, I would like to thank my mentor, Director Brillante Mendoza, for giving me the rare opportunity of joining him at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain. Our film “Alpha: The Right to Kill” took part in the main competition of this festival. The film is Director Brillante’s first time in the said festival, and like his past films that were able to join other highly acclaimed film festivals, it has garnered attention and great appreciation from the viewers. The San Sebastian Film Festival ran from September 21 to September 29.

I still cannot believe that I got to experience what I did in Spain and I do not know how to rightfully express my feelings until now. It is now Sunday and we are waiting for our group’s ride to head to the airport. Our film won the Special Jury Prize Award, which is the second most important award at the San Sebastian Film Festival.


We dedicate this film to all the Filipinos in the world.

I would like to thank my mentor Brillante Mendoza for letting me accept the Special Jury Award on his behalf. I was very nervous and anxious, but I was able to get through it. Good thing I had notes with me so I was able to say everything I needed to say. I probably looked disheveled, but it is okay. It is like that when you are nervous while carrying the flag of your country. It was a great honor to have this experience because it is not easy to enter big film festivals such as this one. We dedicate this film to all the Filipinos and our country, the Philippines. Thank you for letting us tell a great story. I would like to thank Armando Bing Lao for his guidance through the Found Story School of Filmmaking. Thank you to Center Stage Productions and the whole production staff and cast. This is the fruit of our labor. I will never forget this special day as we give recognition to the Philippines. We will continue to celebrate the hundred years of Philippine cinema.

Carlo, Troy and Allen with Alexander Payne the head of Jury

Here’s my video blog, hope you like it…hate it..whatever you want

and Here’s full video of my speech

Thank You San Sebastian
Until we meet again..

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5 thoughts on “San Sebastian International Film Festival

  1. Very nice memories and very nice to meet you there Carlo. Now we are in touch and very sure we´re going to make great things at all!! San Sebastian has been really amazing this year in all senses. For us too! Cheers

  2. Incredible news! And well deserved. Can’t believe you got to meet Alexander Payne! Best of luck with the rest of your festival run. A truly brilliant film!

  3. Congratulations Carlo! and congratulations to Director brilliante Mendoza. It was a great pleasure meeting you both at the Cairo international film festival. Keep taking beautiful pictures & videos, Carlo! And come visit again!

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