Sagay Marine Reserve
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Datelline: June 12 – Independence Day until June 14. And during my stay I learned so much about the great importance of Marine life conservation.

Welcome to the most abundant marine reserve in Philippine Islands – Sagay. 

Sagay City is 84 kilometers away from Bacolod. Ride for more than an hour from Bacolod and you can reach Sagay.

Sagay Marine Reserve is a 33 hectares wide covering those islands of Negros Occidental and has the following areas of interests: 

Carbin Reef, Panal Reef, Macahulom Reef, Suyac Island and Molocaboc Island.

We went to these amazing islands and saw the beauty within.

Famous story: Sagay City is successful for stopping the illegal fishing in the area. That success started to improve the livelihood of the entire community making them a well developed city.
It’s such a wonderful place to recommend for tourist looking for island hopping adventure.

Carbin Reef in Sagay #philippines #Sagay #travel #islands #paradiseI'm walking on sunshine whoa :-)#philippines #paradise

Carbin reef is an interesting place for swimming and snorkle diving. Dive and see the corals and fisheries. The limit of people who can stay here is only 100 person to preserve the whole area.

In Panal Reef, you will see the watchtower where Bantay Dagat volunteers are stationed to take care of the entire Marine reserve.

That’s a  crystal clear white sandbar at Macahulom Reef.

Molocaboc Island has the best variety of seafoods. Aside from the many species of fish they also the wide variiety species of clams, crabs, sea urchins and all.

Suyac IslandMangroves in #SuyacIsland #Sagay #philippines #paradise

Suyac Island is a fully community-based mangrove eco-park that has 7 species of Mangroves around Negros Island. The boat ride takes around 30 minutes from the port.

Sagay City is a two-hour drive from Bacolod City. Public utility vehicles plying the northern Negros route pass by this progressive city. From Cebu, one can reach Sagay via Toledo in about four hours including a one-hour ride in fast ferries.


Sagay City Tourism Office
Helen A. Cutillar
City Tourism Officer
Telefax: (34) 488-0649
Fax: (34) 488-0649/435-8571

Watch the video I took in Sagay:

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  1. Your post is yet another proof of how beautiful the Philippines is and how blessed we Filipinos are. I will definitely visit Sagay Marine Reserve in one of my future trips, perhaps when I go to Bacolod ( haven’t been there ). Your photos are postcard-perfect.

    1. Yes it’s worth visiting. If you don’t dive you can go island hopping and enjoy the rest of the activities like bird watching.

  2. When I think of Bacolod, it is mostly just the ruins and Maskara festival. Great perspective for the Sagay Marine Reserve 🙂

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