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Due to the recent pandemic situation, every family has to stay at home nowadays because we do not know where the enemy is staying and the virus can spread to us anytime. So the safer option would be to keep inside our home and take time to consistently clean our own body and house. Many lives were affected, we need to survive this tragic change regardless of the social status.

Whether you are a famous celebrity, breadwinner, student, or an ordinary citizen; it really made a great impact on people, and now considered to be the new normal, we spend more time on social media sites. While the cases are still increasing and we are not yet sure when it will subside, there will always be an assurance that we are all going to see each other online most of the time. Here’s a list of the most visited social media platforms in the Philippines especially when the pandemic started.

The number of social media users in the Philippines increased by 16 million in 2020 – 2021. Now there were about 89 million equivalent users. The average amount of time an individual spends online is between 4 -5 hours. Being available online has been part of the new normal.

In statistics from the Statista website, as of the third quarter of 2020, the following sites are the most used and visited:


With the advent of Smart TV and faster internet provider package, you can now watch news and tv shows via YouTube, which is a very convenient way because just in case you miss any tv show that you want you have now the chance to watch it on YouTube at your own time plus you can choose to pause it if you like.

As Filipinos we are fans of humor and entertainment, since the time of lockdown many users are into watching Youtube video blogs which includes variety of niche from drama, comedy, tutorials, educational, extra income and more. On the other side many are also interested into creating Youtube content because you can monetize your channel thru the YouTube Partnership Program.

Marketers and Influencers use the leverage of YouTube because it’s the best video marketing platform. With it’s very wide audience worldwide it can get brands and companies to be discovered online. Advertising here has a wider reach compared to television, radio,  print ads and at the same time having a low cost on promotion and advertising. The race here is to reach more subscribers, which is more chances of income.

PH Top Youtube Channels:
Mimiyuuuh: 3.95M
Ivana Alawi: 12.2M
Raffy Tulfo In Action: 19.1M


Filipinos are really friendly and social by nature, Facebook has been part of many people’s everyday lives and to date, it has been the most popular social media because of its convenient way of sharing each other’s feelings. It has also a massive marketplace for online sellers. Most Filipinos choose to post and react on Facebook because it’s user-friendly and one can easily adapt a technology change. With as many as 5,000 friends in one account, the world inside this platform is immensely involving and engaging. According to a survey from Social Weather Station, 45% of Filipino adults use the internet; 1 in 4 reads the news in Facebook. And as of 2019, 74 million are Facebook users. That is why is a big hit here in the Philippines.

Facebook Messenger

When asking people around if they still message thru text, they would now prefer using the Facebook messenger to send message to someone since it is already installed in everybody’s gadget and smart phones. Since they have already spent money on the internet, might as well maximize the usage of the Facebook messaging app. In this app you don’t even need to have a Facebook account to create one. Just download the app and you can message or be included in a group message chat without being a Facebook friend of a certain messenger account. Plus you will be able to exchange photo, video and audio message with each other. It is a very good business practice as you can transact business as fast as you can and above all it has a very user-friendly market place features. As the Facebook saying goes ‘(PM – Personal Message Is The Key).


With an average of 187 million monthly active users and counting, social media app Twitter remains to be a popular tool for marketing and advertising for influencers. It has remained an old school platform but it originally created the trend of trending topics and hashtags with algorithm per area. This is for people who are always in a hurry and have a short span of time browsing online. They can only afford to write and read very short messages and stories. If you are one of them then Twitter is recommended for you.


When Instagram was made, a new photography term was invented, it’s called instagrammable. The platform for photography in a vertical mode has been also a medium for Filipino netizens. They watch and follow celebrities in their Instagram stories, create travel memories, and do live streams as well. The platform has unique and artistic features which are why brands are also diving in here to promote and advertise products. In the Philippines, there are many celebrities and influencers are getting paid just to post their ads and contest to their personal Instagram account. Founded to be the best tool for digital marketing and promotion because of the huge presence of celebrity stars and their million fans.

PH Top Instagram Influencers


According to Oberlo.com and DataReportal:  In 2020 TikTok has already reached 689 million active users worldwide. No wonder that this new social media platform is now the fastest growing social network which specially caters to the younger generation of audiences in the world. Entertainment, singing, and dancing are the major common content which liked by many people who are staying at home. TikTok has been actively sponsoring awards to major film festivals around the world as a way to broaden its network. The platform has also been gaining rave reviews from the Philippines as an outlet for doing fun kinds of stuff and watching happy content.

PH Top TikTok Influencers

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