Learning From My Mistakes in Blogging
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I started blogging  way back 2009-2010 but it was only yesterday that I realized this – I did a lot of mistakes. I admit that I tried a lot of things but it didn’t work me. From now on I will be applying all that I learned from Khoa.

Khoa Bui Photo by Carlo Valenzona

Thanks to Khoa Bui, speaker of Internet Cashflow Mastery workshop, an event organized by PMCM Events because I was able to learn (again) the important things I should change in the way I do my blogging.

I just want to share a few points maybe there’s many people who feel the same way that I do.

Of all the speakers and talk that I attended it was Khoa Bui’s workshop who has the most organized and complete presentation about the basics of blogging.

If you also tried a lot of things but it didn’t work here’s a few points on How to start a blogsite and eventually EARN a lot  from it.


Just like any other field, Discipline is the key to online success. If you do not have self-discipline you will not succeed.


At the start remember that 80% of your time will be spent in this area. That includes listing down the things you know a lot about.


Select the one that pops out and write over 250 articles out of it. How long is each article? 500-700 words


Do not think of money and do not think about the look of your blog. A simple one will do for now.


Build an authority posts that contains lots of free information that gives value to your prospects.

If you are having a hard time creating a post then why don’t you try interviewing 30-50 people, transcribe your interview and write an article out of it.

In this exercise patience must be practiced. It is part of discipline.


Do not stress in creating a post. if you want you can apply what Khoa Bui is doing when he is writing a blog-post. When he starts writing he uses a timer for 25 minutes and then he stops or he just turns off the monitor. DON’T STRESS.

I’d like to share some tips from Khoa

Have a QUOTA – 250 articles

EXERCISE to Write 10 High quality articles  do a keyword research and choose your battle

You can choose from Google Adword keyword tool(free) and choose the low competition keyword.

That’s it for now I’ll have a part 2 of this.

Time is up for me.


Update as of December 4, 2014

The blog that I created out of this learning has now 82 posts and counting, it has been searched by the keywords Manila Spa Reviews, Manila Spa Blog and more.

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  1. thanks for attending the workshop and writing a great review!

    great to see you using the count down timer while you were blogging! 🙂

    keep up the great work!


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