Ifugao Rice Terraces
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I’ve seen the rice terraces during my last visit in Sagada, Mountain Province.

Ang Cordillera Administrative Region ay isang rehiyon ng Pilipinas na matatagpuan sa hilagang Luzon na binubuo ng mga lalawigan ng Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga at Mountain Province.

*Ang Sagada ay nasa Mountain Province at ang Banaue naman ay nasa Ifugao.

Now, I was able to see more of these amazing terraces here in Ifugao. (June17-21)

Described as the 8th Wonder of the World, Ifugao Rice Terraces is truly a wonderful identity and a source of main food for the Ifugaos.

Divided into 11 municipalities, there are 5 UNESCO World Heritage:

Rice Terrace Clusters of

  • Nagacadan in Kiangan

I’ve got little knowledge about them but now it has broaden upon learning these important facts.

I got photos of almost all except Batad. I have loved the place and I am still coming back for it. 

I learned so much about the importance of cultural heritage here in Ifugao, aside from the rice terraces the most interesting for me is about the writings of Ifugaos, Hudhud chant and the Cogon traditional houses.

The Ifugao Rice Terraces system is composed of the following:

Muyung (woodlot) – privately-owned and maintained by families or clans;
Habal (swidden fields) – cleared for cultivation of sweet potatoes, vegetables and legumes;
Payo (rice terraces) – dominant type of agricultural land-use in the Ifugao landscape;
Boble (settlement areas)
Wah-el, Wang-wang (water bodies) – bodies of water (rivers and creeks) below and above rice terraces.

Hudhud Chants of the Ifugao (*http://www.unesco.org/bpi/intangible_heritage/phillipines.htm)

The hudhud is recited and chanted among the Ifugao people – known for their rice terraces – during the sowing and harvesting of rice, funeral wakes and other rituals. Estimated to have originated before the 7th century, the hudhud – comprised of some 40 episodes – often take three or four days to recite. The language of the chants, almost impossible to transcribe, is full of repetitions, synonyms, figurative terms and metaphors. Performed in a leader/chorus style, the reciter – often an elderly woman – occupies a key position in society. There is only one tune, common to the entire region, for all of the verses.  Very few written examples of hudhud exist.

Nagadacan Rice Terraces in Kiangan, Ifugao #Unesco #Heritage #paradise #philippines #Ifugao


Rice Terraces in Bangaan, Ifugao #paradise #RiceTerraces #culture #Ifugao #Heritage


Hungduan, Ifugao Rice Terraces


Mayoyao, Ifugao Rice Terraces #paradise #travel #philippines


That’s it for now…So if you will travel in Ifugao soon make sure to visit the 5 UNESCO World Heritage: 

Nagacadan in Kiangan, Hungduan, Bangaan, Mayoyao and Batad.

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