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I am soon to produce a film about the best places in Africa for honeymooning couples. So if you are looking for the best romantic getaways in Africa, you are just in the right corner.

Apart from organizing the wedding, every bride and groom’s romantic honeymoon preparations are one of the most pivotal activities to celebrate their union. Planning for your honeymoon begins with the location itself, and thus, it is vital that you pick the right one!

Africa is one of the best honeymoon destinations globally. It boasts of numerous popular and luxurious beach settings. In this regard, the best honeymoon destinations in Africa include numerous coastal destinations.

Besides its coastal allure, the continent is universally recognized as the best when it comes to wildlife tourism, with its high ranking safari excursions.

In this write up, we explore how you can honeymoon in Kenya and the attractions you can hope to experience while there.  

We also look at honeymoon destinations in West Africa and the destination options offered by other areas of this vast continent. So, without further ado, here are the five best honeymoon destinations in Africa.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco

Finding a honeymoon location that is whimsical, classy, and utterly stunning might be easier said than done. Yet a honeymoon in Marrakech hits all these boxes.

Western Morocco’s former imperial metropolis is home to vibrant souls (marketplaces), magnificent homes, and attractive gardens. 

Morocco, Marrakech, Menara Palace, Water

The souks are a great place for honeymooners to look for unique gifts and decorative pieces for their homes. A trip to the opulent Bahia Palace and the Jardin Majorelle, where the splendor of art meets Mother Nature, might be included in sightseeing excursions.

The city of Marrakech, commonly known as Marrakesh, offers a wide variety of activities. There are many five-star hotels in the city, providing spa services, garden vistas, and stunning décor.

For those seeking to simultaneously enjoy nature, romance, and relaxation, the city is among the top romantic getaways in Africa. Lovers can enjoy the stunning Atlas Mountains’ scenery. Revel in the beautiful exterior and interior architecture of the town’s boutique hotels and palaces. 

Also, there are chances for intimate and memorable activities, such as attending cooking classes or enjoying mint tea with your special someone.

  1. Maasai Mara, Kenya

Honeymoon in Kenya at the multi-award-winning Maasai Mara Game Reserve and get to experience a wildlife honeymoon safari like no other.

However, while making your travel arrangements, it would be best to prioritize intimacy and exclusivity when picking your camp or resort. 

For an optimal honeymoon experience in the Mara, it would be best if you considered a modest camp with fewer than 10 tented rooms as opposed to staying at one of the enormous lodges in the eastern part of the park, some of which have 150 beds.

Alternatively, you could opt to stay in one of the numerous private conservancies next to the reserve.  

A conservancy is a great choice for romantic couples looking to avoid the Masai Mara’s crowds. 

Free Lion Feline photo and picture

These areas offer the same excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, coupled with picturesque landscapes, but with fewer beds per acre and fewer vehicles per sighting, making for a much more exclusive wilderness experience on your Kenya honeymoon.

  1. Seychelles

Seychelles is renowned for its extravagant magnificence and exotic beauty. Previously regarded as a haven for the wealthy, the island is gradually becoming one of the greatest honeymoon locations for the middle class as well. 

Its white sand, crystal-clear ocean, opulent resorts and hotels provide for a romantic setting to begin your new life together.

Praslin, Island, Seychelles, Tropical

The Seychelles has everything you could possibly want for a honeymoon. That includes mouthwatering cuisine, warmhearted locals, and a carnival-like atmosphere.

Go out with a picnic basket and take in Mahe Island’s most breathtaking sights. Discover the vibrant birds and revitalizing vegetation on the pathways. The island also offers fulfilling hikes with your new soulmate.

Here, beautiful beaches like Petite Anse and Anse Anse Source D’Argent are well-known. Also available from the island are expeditions to the tiny Félicité Island and her population of only 12 people! While in this quaint neighborhood, enjoy horseback rides on the beach.

  1. Diani, Kenya

Honeymoon in Kenya in the gorgeous coastal town of Diani. The country’s coastline is situated along the turquoise, azure, and deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Kenya is one of the few places on Earth with long stretches of pristine white sanded beaches, spectacular hotels, vibrant marine parks like Kisite and Watamu, and terrestrial Kenyan lands teeming with wildlife. 

The warm Indian Ocean lapping against the shore creates a rhythm that corresponds to the beat of your hearts. A truly tender connection to the earth is evoked by the ocean’s surface, as it glitters with the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset. 

While in Diani, observe nature’s splendor together as you build lifelong memories and revel in the strong emotions that connect you.

people standing on white sand beach during daytime

Adventurous couples could spend some time kite surfing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and other water sports, then wind it down with a romantic dhow ride at sunset.

Diani’s world class resorts also arrange romantic sundowners and intimate dinners for the newlyweds.

Unlike other honeymoon destinations where you need to use a safari van or a safari land cruiser for game viewing. In most cases, small cars such as Mazda Demio, Toyota Premio, Toyota Vitz, Honda Fit, and Nissan Note are used. This makes Diani a great choice for travelers looking for a mid-range or budget honeymoon safari to Africa. 

  1. São Tomé and Príncipe

Couples yearning for a quirky and somewhat eclectic honeymoon experience should consider São Tomé and Príncipe. These lands are among the most remarkable honeymoon destinations in West Africa.

The charm of these islands speaks for itself, with friendly and helpful inhabitants, brand-new luxury eco-lodges, thick woods, and undeveloped beaches. In the distance, birds are chirping, and several remote beaches provide views of whales and turtles. 

Before going to Prncipe, which is much quieter and has the nicest beaches, spend a few days on busy São Tomé. 

The majority of the five-star eco-lodges you’ll likely stay in have canvas canopied roofs.

You may quickly discover the depths and heights of the island through inland exploration, and chocolate tasting at old plantation homes. 

Meanwhile, beach activities consist of swimming, diving and snorkeling excursions.

And as always! thank you so much for reading my blog I will keep you posted about my next film on Honeymoon destinations in West Africa.

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