Busan Asian Film School, and my fellow producers

Finally, I can share the good news. I got accepted as fellow representing the Philippines to the 2019 International Film Business Academy at the Busan Asian Film School. It is such an honor an wonderful feeling. I give back my due respect to my mentor director Brillante Mendoza.

I will be leaving not so soon, so I look forward to collaborate with different Asian producers.

please bear with my shameless bragging photo here 🙂

The Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) has completed its Fellow Recruitment for the 2019 International Film Business Academy, selecting 20 fellows from 17 countries out of a total number of 136 film talents from 23 countries. 

Link to the list of Successful Applicants for 2019: See you again Busan! Anneyong Haseyo!

Week 1

 In my first week of stay I was able to meet these amazing fellows from different Asian countries. We stay at the third floor, cook and eat at the second floor and we study in class at the first floor. How convenient is that right?

Check out the first video I made during my first week of stay here in AFIS.


Week 2

So, we started to become more closer to each other, I got some of my fellow producers teach me how to speak in their own language,it is a good way of connecting to other people. Try it! 

Week 3

Getting more fun and love. We become more busy and overwhelmed. It’s been many sleepless night and the hot chocolate is awesome. People started to get more and more learnings. Enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms as we explore the more laid back part of the South Korea.

Week 4

A month has past and we’re getting much more love. These fellows are amazing, mostly very soft and kind hearted and we’d love to hang around.

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