24 Hours in San Sebastian, Spain

We travel to San Sebastian, Spain to attend the San Sebastian International Film Festival where Brillante Mendoza film ALPHA , The Right To Kill competes for the main competition.

We start upon arrival in Donostia Airport on:

September 22, arrival at the airport of Donostia, Spain, our first stop after cheking in at Hotel Londres is meeting Señor Roberto Cueto, member of the selection committtee. We look forward on our first dinner because we are definitely all hungry but here is Spain they eat dinner on a late time.

September 23 Saturday

8 AM
I woke up like this, asking the weather why are you still gloomy and dark. I walked thru the bay shore a few steps away from Londres. It is so cold, the weather looks like 5 AM in the morning in Philippines. I did a small jog to the tunnel. Of course it is an obligation to have a selfie with this lovely basque country.

9:30 AM
Time to get back and prepare for the press conference and the photocall.

12 NN
Lunch time, we had photo call and then proceed to the presscon. This is the most awkcard moment when I was asked about the film and my work as a producer. Bad start for me.

3 PM
In the afternoon, we met with Señor Jose Luis, the festival director of San Sebastian International Film Festival, the event was full house, so many filmmakers from different countries

September 24 Sunday

7 AM
I would always wake up early even if I lack of sleep. I think my body is still adjusting with the time and the weather condition. It’s good that we just need to go down to have breakfast overlooking a very nice beach in front of Londres.

I had a small walk on the seashore. I must prepare today for the red carpet and screening of our film ALPHA, The Right To Kill.

10 AM
Sunday beach view. A lot of families are here and swimming under the sun. A good way to pay a salute to the beautiful sun. I bow my head to the wonderful mother nature. Respect to discovering another great arts and culture of this basque country.

12 NN
Even if it’s lunchtime people here ate late, so they ate around 2 PM and so do I.

2 PM
It’s the time to prepare dapper for the red carpet ride and film screening. Look at us so Men in Black inspired.

5 PM

Huge crowd, may people it’s time for the glamour side of the festival, the red carpet and the world premiere screening of our film ALPHA.

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